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Welcome, wherever you are in the world. Thank you for visiting my site. My aim is to expand on the concepts that I present in my book 'Backpacker's Practical and Spiritual Guide to the Universe' available on line in all formats. 

During my travels, people would ask me to write down some of the ideas that I was sharing. This concept transpired, as I was sailing around the world on our boat, 'Qi' , into my book,  that is reaching all corners of the earth. 

My Goal is to assist people in adopting an attitude embracing hope, joy and wonder as they travel through life and our universe. I offer Tarot card readings, courses to help get you moving on the Spiritual and the Practical side of things and my book. I offer personal coaching and advice - although it's from a distance, to help you find your way through the labyrinth of life's hurdles. 

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Why 'backpackers'? To me, this means traveling lightly, with a youthful attitude and being open to change and exciting moments. I promote staying in hostels and other backpacker accommodation because of the joy the companionship brings. We learn so much from each other, and it is the best way to find out up to date information about local sightseeing and adventures. The energy raised by travellers sharing their experiences ignites continued excitement for the adventure that you have undertaken. 

Why 'practical'? I've been a teacher for 26 years and I love sharing information that leads someone to a new and exciting moment in their life. I've talked to so many people on my journeys and learned so much about lifestyle and travel choices, that I needed to share this information. I am grateful for the opportunity to do this. 

Why 'spiritual'? This world is such an amazingly, mysterious place that to miss the spiritual opportunities that we are faced with, would be a shame. By spiritual, I'm talking about our own essence and the growth that we can go through when we travel, I'm talking about being able to listen to the spirits in particular landmarks and to feel the energy there. I'm talking about traveling with a purpose by spreading kindness and goodwill to ourselves and others. I am talking about recognising the synchronicity in a moment that catapults your learning and career to the next level.

Then why the 'Universe'? When I say the Universe, I'm referring to all the seen and unseen components that make up this world. I believe the Universe to be the combination of our energies that acts to bring peace and knowledge to the world. I believe that each and everyone of us has the power to manifest karmic lessons into our lives. These can be challenging at times, but their ultimate purpose is to encourage us to grow, and sometimes it's the tough ones that help us to grow the most.  

My book is full of wonderful tips that I have learned along the way and I hope that it resonates with you.

Unfortunately, I couldn't write all of my ideas down at once because it would be the confusing mass that is my brain, and that wouldn't be pretty. So, I hope to be able to expand on my ideas and guide you through developing a deeper understanding of the concepts that I touch on. I want to help make your journey, through life and through your travels around the world, more fulfilling for you by sharing my spiritual understandings and my practical tips. I want you to be able to feel that I am the travel companion that you can call on in times of need. 

I have prepared a number of courses for you to embark on. They are kept at an incredibly low cost because I want as many people as possible to be able to access them. I would love to offer them for free, but this is my job now and we all know what that means. If you desperately want to complete one or more of my courses and genuinely can't afford them, then drop me a line and I'll see what I can do.

I offer personal Tarot card readings. Each of these take me about an hour to complete as I want to ensure, that I word these in a way that make the most sense to you, as I have to translate images, words, songs etc. that arrive from your guardian angels. Sometimes I receive sensitive information that is difficult to word in a way that makes sense to you and doesn't offend or discourage you. I do not claim to be the ultimate psychic who gets absolute clear messages, although I do on many occasions. What I do receive is snippets of messages that your angels want you to hear. I have been talking with spirit since I was a small child and have learned to trust the advice and love that they send. And it is only advice, as the angels never try and boss you around. They want you to have free choice. You always remain in control of your own destiny. You will find these readings entertaining and insightful.

I have also written many articles and included my own pictures for you to enjoy. Skimming through those offer a fun way to plan the trip of a lifetime. You will find these under the articles menu. 

Whether it's the spiritual or practical information that you gain from my website and book, I hope you find what excites you and helps you to grow and learn through your journeys.


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