Grenada’s Molinere Underwater Sculpture Park

It’s rather eerie diving in among these life-sized sculptures and the artist certainly meets his objective to leave an impression on you.

Designed to give back to the reef what the humans take away, this park has multiple outstanding thought provoking images.  Cast mainly from the faces of real people, you are struck with a sense of awe at the artist’s talent for bringing this to life in such a meaningful way.

Many of the pieces offer a phantasmagorias journey through  Grenada’s tumultuous past; but the most famous is the ring of children. This represents hope, tolerance and a united future.

close up of children

As you free  or SCUBA dive among park benches with a man reading a newspaper, people praying, mermaids, a writer at work at his typewriter, slaves who had been thrown overboard and images of the murdered governmental officials, you are confronted with an array of emotions that will make a lasting impression.