When I’m talking about health I’m talking about the natural state that all of our bodies could be in. There is a continuum. Along the scale of health there is very poor health as well as good health. Where we sit on this continuum fluctuates depending on our initial constitution that we’re born with, what we’ve been doing, how tired we are, but especially; what we’ve been eating and drinking.

There are eight conditions necessary for life. The quality of how those conditions are applied will result in where you sit on the continuum.

  1. Water – every living being needs fresh pure water. The purer and sun touched – the better.
  2. Food – fresh, nutritious raw food full of life and living enzymes is needed to maintain a healthy body. Food closest to its natural state – full of the sun’s goodness – the better. Avoid processed and cooked foods. What you eat is either used to maintain, repair or reproduce your body’s cells¬†or energy is required to¬†eliminate it from your system. Make what you put into your body worthy of it.
  3. Sunshine – early morning sunshine has the quantities of the color spectrum in the optimal amount for health. Walk in it, bathe in it and receive its purifying qualities. Cover yourself from harmful rays in the middle of the day. Enjoy the qualities of the afternoon sun also.
  4. Spinal health for energy flow – your spine is the channel for your nervous system that supplies each part of your body with energy. All your muscles and organs need this energy to operate at their most prosperous level. Simple yoga moves, spinal adjustments and exercises can continue this flow of energy to optimize spinal health.
  5. Rest – a good night’s sleep recharges the battery and allows for digestion, elimination of toxins and repairs to the body to be undertaken. Rest also refers to giving our bodies a break from the hectic functioning and demands we make upon it by carrying out a fast. Read more about this at the website given below.
  6. Tranquility – a peaceful mind helps the body function in a natural way. It is important to actively seek good mental health strategies to maintain an environment where the body can function successfully.
  7. Air – breathe and learn to breathe in a way that eliminates toxins from the body. Seek out pure and fresh air in a natural setting.
  8. Exercise – the right amount of exercise for the body in its current condition.

So by reading about these conditions and gaining a health assessment, you are able to monitor and be responsible for your own health. You are born with a certain quality of flesh and this can’t be changed but you can look after what you have by seeking out the best conditions for yourself and your family. It’s not complicated but sticking to it in this complex world …is.

To read more about this philosophy I encourage you to read more on my teachers’ website

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