All information here is written for advice and with the understanding that you will do your own research for your own circumstances. Visas can be complicated and countries change their rules all the time so this could easily be out of date. You need to go to the country’s official government site for where and when you’re intending to travel.

Before you book your flights on line make sure that you check if the country you’re visiting requires a visa and how long that visa will take to obtain. Some cheap flights travel through countries that require a visa even if you’re in transit. Visa requirements can usually be found out if you just google ‘Do I need a visa to visit…’ There is usually a list of nationalities that will require a visa or be exempt of having to obtain one. Most countries will have a time limit for either tourist or working visas so make sure you comply with these so you don’t have difficulties when you leave or you want to return.

Make sure you have proof of an onward ticket to leave the next country or they may not let you on the plane. Make sure that the ticket is to a country that is recognized as a legitimate attempt to leave the country. For example, I’ve heard of people having difficulty at the airport to board their flights to the USA because they only had a ticket to Mexico. Apparently a ticket to Canada or Mexico isn’t enough. This may have changed but unless you want the hassle of obtaining an extra flight at the airport, you may want to check this out.

Some countries require you to send your passport away to have the visa placed inside it. Ensure your plans for visiting these countries are done well in advanced because most countries require you to have your passport with you when you are travelling within them. This means you can’t be sending your passport off in the middle of your journey.

Some countries are complicated and it is difficult to find out the facts without really researching in detail. Since the Schengen Agreement has come into Europe, it has complicated things for non-Europeans. It used to be that you could travel through Europe and have 90 days in each country. Now you can only have 90 days in the whole of the EU area for most visitors. (New Zealand has a special agreement and it is 180 days yet only 90 days still for each individual country- not sure if other countries have a similar agreement).

Work Visas are another complicated aspect that will need research well in advance of your departure. Most countries require you to apply in your home country unless they are desperate for your skills. If you are over 30 then it is even more complicated. If you are unable to obtain a work visa you may need to consider joining a website where you can work for your accommodation and food.

Visas are a way countries protect the rights of their own citizens and assist them in border control and illegal activities. Respect this process in light of caring for the country that you are visiting.

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