Fresh wholesome, uncooked fruit and vegetables are the best foods for your body to operate at an optimal level. The best way to get the nutrients that your body needs is to eat fruits and vegetables whole. Chewing meticulously to conserve your own energy and to assist in the digestive process will make sure you get the most out of the food that you’re putting into your body.

Add a small amount of carbohydrates and proteins to complete the necessary equation for healthy cells.

The times of the day that we eat are important too. Our body is still eliminating toxins until midday and if we eat or drink anything other than water before this time, we cut short our clean out time. This means the body will store any toxins that are naturally built up, eventually resulting in the need for a healing crisis to cleanse the body. A healing crisis will show itself in the way of a fever.

This philosophy takes away the need to hunt down breakfast and gives you a fresh start to the day. You don’t need to feel bad about missing breakfast. Although we’ve been told it’s the most important meal of the day, we have to be open-minded to investigate this further. This philosophy is based on the actual physiology of the body. Once you miss a few breakfasts, you’ll find that your body will fall into its natural cycle.

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