Touring for $20 a Day

This little gem of information will help you to not only sightsee but travel some long distances. First of all, you need to grab a couple of friends to help share the cost of fuel, because that will be your biggest cost. Then you need to get on one of a few websites, that I will list at the bottom, and book a relocation for a campervan, RV or car. If you get a car, you will also need to take a tent. The advantages of the RV is that you can sleep and prepare meals in it – adding up to huge savings. These vehicles are relocated at a minimal cost to you ranging from $1-$5 per day as long as you keep within the km and time allowance given on the particular hire. You are able to zig-zag around many countries doing this.

Traveling by campervan is a great way to see any country.

Now, once you have your hire vehicle, go and shop for some basics. Salads, cold meats, eggs and cheese with crackers or bread for lunches and seasonal vegetables, rice and pasta for dinners. Grab a box of cereal and fruit for breakfasts. Hopefully, you’ll get a fuel voucher with your car hire. They come with them sometimes. You get to chose your package.

In New Zealand, you will find Freedom Camping along the way, where you stay the night for free if you have a bathroom onboard. In Australia, there are many rest areas that allow overnight campers. Other countries maybe particular, but you could always call into a farmhouse and ask if they minded your presence. Otherwise, you may have to share the cost of the campsite, which can be quite expensive in some countries. DOC sites, (Department of Conservation) in N.Z. are by donation or priced from $5-$10 per person. A bargain considering you get to stay in some of the most amazing natural locations in the country.

The pitfalls of hiring the vans of course is that one of your friends needs to be over the age of 25 usually. Another can be the bond they take against your credit card could end up costing you a bit in the conversion. However, if you find a local to share with, their credit card shouldn’t incur any extra costs.

Good luck and let me know how it goes!!

Some websites to check out for deals for Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the USA for Australia and New Zealand for Australia – Australia