Working for Accommodation and Food

Sometimes getting a work visa may not be an option because of age or availability, but there are some substantial ways to travel where, for a small exchange of your time and energy, you can stay for free.

There are a number of reliable websites and more and more Facebook groups are popping up that can line you up with wonderful families and business owners that will offer you a cultural exchange in the process. I will list some of the websites below and you should do some searches for more. You could stay on a farm or help in a business or help a skipper move their boat between islands. The possibilities are endless when you look at the websites.

The most important thing is to provide an honest representation of yourself in your profile. Choose a photo that shows a happy, well-adjusted, tidy human being that you would want to invite into your home and have around your pets and children. Most families won’t invite you if you don’t take the time to add a photo. You are able to team up with your travel buddy on most sites.

This beautiful beach resort is one place looking for helpers in Samoa, South Pacific

Then write about your qualities that you are most proud of that should include, hard-working, honest, fast learner, tidy, neat, kind, as well as adding particular skills such as cooking, serving, computer whizz, landscaping, bar tender, child minder etc. that shows what an invaluable asset you could be.  Show photos that provide evidence of your skills.

There will be a place where reviews are noted so make a point of really getting to know your family and give a bit of yourself in the exchange. You will probably discover life-long friends.

Dine with your host families and create life-long connections.

Volunteering Abroad is another way of looking at this, but this is just arranged privately between you and your host family. If you’re wanting to volunteer in a country, be wary of the new tourism that has popped up around this concept. Some companies are profiting heavily from your goodwill and are using fear as a method of gaining your confidence. There are many wonderful families and people in the world and you are unlikely to come to any harm. Use your common sense and make good choices. Always let someone back home know your plans.

Helpful Websites

Help Exchange – For worldwide contacts

Wwoofing – in New Zealand but just search by the country that you’re wanting to visit. This is staying and working on Organic farms and is one of the original sites for this type of holiday. – For worldwide contacts

Please write to me to add more or to add any comments.