Making Money

My main philosophy about making money is do something that you love and if you can’t do that then love what you’re doing.

We can’t all have our dream jobs and even if we do the stress of it can get to us sometimes. The important thing is that you approach your work in a positive and joyful way. It may be a crappy day or things might not be going right but it’s how you approach it that will make all the difference.

I learned about the theory of abundance through a small book I was reading called The Little Money Bible. It was recommended to be by a good friend and mentor. It changed my attitude to work and to saving money. Making money is truly about your approach to it. You need to attract it to you and you need to acknowledge how rich your life is in other ways. Money is merely the tool. It’s what you do with it that will make it work for you in the best way.

I refute the  old saying of you have to have money to make money.  You just need the right attitude and the physical ability to do what you’d like to do.

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