This course is an advanced course designed to help people who already have a basic understanding of the way Spirit operates learn more about their past-lives. This course will take you through processes that awaken your own abilities and connect you with the Akashic Records enabling you to access past-life information. It will also enable you to help others to connect with their past-lives. By accessing this information, people are enabled to work through issues in their current lives, helping them to forgive when necessary, move on or choose a particular path.

The courses that I develop are kept at an extremely reasonable cost to ensure accessibility. If you are unable to afford them and you would like to complete them, please contact me by email.

Is this course for you?

  • Are you feeling as though you are being held back?
  • Do you feel that everything you try doesn’t seem to work out?
  • Do you want to know your life’s purpose?
  • Are you open to the concept of past-lives and want to discover who you were?
  • Are you wanting to connect with loved ones who have passed over?
  • Are you repeatedly finding yourself in relationships where you seem to be the only one giving?
  • Are you frustrated by your own repetitious behaviour in this lifetime?
  • Are you open to discovering new aspects of your inner being and discover who you really are?
  • Are you wanting to learn about your past-lives to discover how to address issues in your current life?
  • Do you understand about coming from a position of love and learning to enable you to access the Akashic Records?

If you answered yes to some of these, then this is the course that will give you the insights and encouragement to add new dimensions to your life. You will discover ways to converse with Spirit through signs, symbols, pictures, music and words. You will be given advice and training about how to interrupt these mediums of communication, relying on personal experiences. Wandering through past-lives will enable you to release blockages in your current life through knowledge and energy releases. You will be able to seek answers to otherwise complex questions about your current situation. You will be enabled to make the choices needed to move forward with your life.

Prerequisites – It is important that you are already able to converse with Spirit to a certain degree as this is an advanced course. You MUST be open to the messages that you receive and work at making sense of these.

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