Define Spiritual continued…

I have always had a strong will and even though I am open to hearing other people’s beliefs and ideas, I have been told by spirit how things work. These teachings directly from spirit, different readings and listening to particular wise men, women and children, have helped formulate my truth.

I do not gain any brownie points or power in this life, or beyond, for making you believe what I believe, so be clear that I am not trying to persuade you one way or the other. What I am offering is my understanding, as given to me by spirit. I want you to develop your own understanding from all the sources available to you.  Learn from all the religions, gurus and listen to spirit yourself. In some of my courses, I teach you how to do this.

I will not judge you for your beliefs and in return, I ask that you do not judge mine, only as whether it resonates with you or not. Making judgements are necessary for survival; ‘oh, I won’t touch that hotplate because it will burn me’ and you can recognise when a judgement is harmful and to be avoided when it could influence your treatment of another person in the future; ‘look at the way that mother speaks to her child. I wouldn’t do that.’ Uncalled for, unnecessary and harmful to YOUR¬†thought processes, needless to say that you have no right to do that. You do not know what that other person has been going through. How about asking that person if you could be of assistance to them. In the most part, other people’s relationships are none of your business. No matter how close you are to those people.

The only time that we have a right to judge and intervene is when someone is being inflicted with physical and emotional harm. Then it is our duty to step in. We all have our own journeys to travel, and often, it is a part of our journey to help others. This should be done out of love and not fear. Try not to rescue, but empower. We all have our karmic lessons to learn, but that doesn’t mean we should tolerate human or animal suffering.

Being at peace with your ability to avoid judgement and gossip is one of the first steps to being able to interact with spirit. Once you stop judging others and your own actions and thoughts, you will be able to tap into what spirit is trying to convey to you. You will be able to identify the words of spirit and not judge them, just accept them. You need to have a willingness.