How to Awaken your Psychic Abilities – Module 1 Overview


Module 1

Belief in Yourself

Objectives -

1. To identify key values of who you are.

2. To recognise and respond to your love languages.

3. To identify the order of the skills of the angels within yourself.

4. To understand the true concept of Karma - not the term thrown around carelessly.

5. To gain control over your own responses to catalysts that arouse strong emotions.

6. To recognise what nurtures your creativity.

7. To aim for win-win outcomes in all personal and business interactions

8. To learn to trust your own judgements and messages.

This first module is designed to help you develop the trust in yourself that is needed to differentiate between thoughts and messages from Spirit. You may find it either quite daunting or quite wonderful to explore your relationship with yourself, depending on what you discover. Even so, you will learn to accept yourself without judgement. You will learn many aspects of spirituality that may be new to you or some that are old news. Please give each task the amount of time needed to truly awaken your connection to your higher-self.


* Belief in Yourself

* How you Love and what Nurtures you

* The Skills of the Angels

* Karma

* Finding the Beauty Within and Out

* Win-win Situations

* Trust