Free Stuff

Free stuff comes in all shapes and sizes and the best kind is when people pay forward and utilise something old and unwanted. When goods find a new home, goodwill is created and the world’s resources are conserved. How perfect is that?

Many alternative organisations around the world are trying to combat the ‘disposable society’. An organisation in Wellington, New Zealand, has a workshop where old bikes are repaired or the tools are there for you to fix under guidance. There are even ‘give-a-ways’. Someone who has stopped using their bike, knows they’ll only get a few bucks for it – offers it to the organisation to rehouse. They also do food rescuing to relocate unwanted goods. A group in Germany offers places where you can take your broken down items to receive advice and assistance to fix them. I will post these addresses and organisations soon.

Couch-surfing, hitching a ride on a boat, communal communities … the list goes on. I want to hear about real places that we can list here so you can either help out or help recycle some great items. Please send me a comment with your knowledge.

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