How to Awaken your Psychic Abilities – Module 2 – Energies


Module 2


Module 2 is light-hearted and is aimed at discovering your energies and what might be blocking certain parts of your life. There are many meditations to assist in the unblocking of your different chakras. You will discover new skills and a new insight to the world around you. This module helps you establish some daily rituals that create positive shifts in your life. Enjoy.

Objectives -

  1. To identify and rely on your own energies.
  2. To identify the energies within nature.
  3. To recognise the power of crystals.
  4. To enable yourself to raise your own energies
  5. To utilise your own energies to help others.


* Finding the Energies in the Palm of your Hands.

* Discovering the Energies in Nature.

* Discovering the Energies in Crystals.

* Raising your Energies.

* Utilising your Energies.