How to Awaken your Psychic Abilities – Module 3 – Putting Judgements Aside


Module 3

Putting Judgements Aside in Relationships

This module is a bit of a challenge and I continually advise people to seek professional help if they have problems dealing with some of the aspects we are reflecting on here. This isn't just to cover my own butt, it's because I truly believe that sometimes professional help is needed to cater for your individual needs that I can't address. You have your own story and journey, and let's face it, some are harsher than others. It's about establishing mindfulness enabling you to look at yourself and accept who you are without judgement. Good luck with this module. You will discover some amazing insights that help you to work through some serious life lessons that move you life-times ahead. Not only will you learn to help yourself, but you will learn to help others along the way. 

Objectives -

1. To scrutinise existing prejudices

2. To identify and examine good and bad judgements

3. To examine your responsibility in other people’s relationships

4. To identify patterns of behaviour in your existing relationships 


* Examining Inherent Prejudices

* Differentiating Between Good and Bad Judgements

* Other people’s relationships

* Patterns of Behaviour