How to Awaken your Psychic Abilities – Module 4 – Meditation


Module 4


In this module you will learn some great techniques of meditations that you can fit into your busy schedule - even if you're on a crowded bus. These techniques will not only help you to think better thoughts, but will also build up your lung capacity and give you a strong level of wellness when done in conjunction with a healthy eating and exercise regime. Unique thoughts will find their way to assist you with creative endeavours. You will learn to design your own meditations that can be used for all occasions and to help others with your unique contribution. You will learn to manage anxious moments with confidence by being able to recall lessons learned throughout this module. This module is aimed at giving you lifelong skills that help you manage all sorts of crises. 

Objectives -

1. To create a gap in your thoughts to enable creativity to seep through.

2. To create meditations for a particular purpose.

3. To revitalise your body through restful meditations.

4. To learn and practice diaphragmatic breathing.


* Creating the Gap.

* Meditations for a Particular Purpose.

* Out of Body Rest

* Diaphragmatic Breathing