How to Awaken your Psychic Abilities – Module 6 – Healing Yourself and Others


Module 6

Healing Yourself and Others

Wow, we can live complicated lives that separate us from our true selves. Humans tend to manifest challenges - as if we don't have enough to deal with in life already, but it's about making the most of these situations. Healing is an important part of discovering our connection to Spirit. We've all been hurt, damaged or rejected in some way during our lives. This module is about healing those hurts to regain personal power to live a healthy happy life. Positive thinking is an important part of healing but, sometimes we haven't recognised what it is that is holding us back. If you haven't already recognised these in Module 3, it's time to review;  habits, thoughts, etc and removing them through positive actions and healing processes. Sometimes it may take more than what is written here, so be prepared to seek professional help if the need arises. 

Objectives -

1. To recognise blockages within your life.

2. To learn to forgive and move on.

3. To carry out physical healing.

4. To identify messages from spirit.


* Finding the Blockages

* Asking the Angels for Assistance

* How to Initiate Healing

* Reading the Messages