How to Awaken your Psychic Abilities – Module 7 – Conversations with Spirit


Module 7

Conversations with Spirit

Ultimately, we are wanting to receive and give messages to and from Spirit so we are able to move ourselves and others forward in our lives. We are all capable of this. The Universe/Source doesn't choose individuals out to specifically speak too. They are not snobs. It is about raising our energies and opening ourselves up to this information, and that's what we've been doing throughout this course.

This final module in this course deals with the array of symbols and messages that are a part of the clutter that gets thrown our way in Spirit's attempt to communicate with us. The 'chunks' of info that arrives our way, so to speak. Based on my own experiences, and those of other mediums, (and we're all mediums), I give advice about what to expect and suggestions on how to interpret the information. Remember that interpretations are based on individual experience - Spirit knows your mind - so don't expect to find a list of interpretations to be memorised. That would be a waste of time. This module explains how you can develop your own resources for correctly interpreting messages. All the best in helping yourself and others with moving forward in your lives through the challenges that are on offer.  

Objectives -

1. To know what to expect.

2. To recognise the implications of symbols.

3. To incorporate songs, images, words into the messages.

4. To be able to put the information together to create an accurate, meaningful message that resonates with you.


* What to Expect

* Symbols

* Incorporating Songs, Images and Words

* Putting it all together

* Ethics