Investigating the Vibe

So what does it actually mean to investigate the vibe?

To investigate means to carry out research into a topic or phenomenon. In this case it is the vibe. Is the vibe something we can put to a scientific test? Can you experiment with changing the vibe? What would be your first response to these questions? You could probably imagine any number of ways to change the vibe in a crowded room – either in a negative or a positive way. Firstly, you need to ask yourself what your goals are. Are you out to cause chaos  and mayhem or are you trying to  move your life in a positive direction? Be sure that if you are out to cause chaos and mayhem –  you know you are asking for a difficult path.

Many environments give such beautiful vibes that help you to resonate with nature.

Many environments give such beautiful vibes that help you to resonate with nature.

Watching how some people react and respond in a crowd would make you wonder if it isn’t chaos and mayhem that they are after. Gossiping in a negative way is one of those moments that can create mayhem. It is amazing how people forget to realize their main goals in a social situation as the need to sensationalize their conversation occurs. If you’re wanting to experience negative vibes in the long term you can put this one to the test. But this would be quite contrary to the purpose of this website. I’m sure you can think of other ways to create mayhem if it is a difficult path through life that you seek; and there are people who actually do this but I doubt if they would be reading this now. This website is about encouraging people to reach their full potential in a career, in family relationships and friendships and general happiness in life. So let’s aim to test the vibe in a positive way.

A secondary road can lead you to places of wonder. Don't just stick to the highways.

A secondary road can lead you to places of wonder. Don’t just stick to the highways.

Deliberately manipulating a situation to test the vibe is merely to help convince you of the power within yourself. This will hopefully help you realize your potential in taking charge of your life and moving it forwards to fulfill your dreams. We all have situations and other people that we could blame for our current success or lack of it but the truth is that it is up to us to respond in a way that will lead to happiness. Sometimes it pays to reflect on a negative event to seek what growth we have gained from it but we shouldn’t dwell on it or look for blame. It will just lead us towards anger.  Being grateful for an opportunity to learn changes the vibe of the event immediately.

A busy town needs parks to calm the vibes- Bogota

A busy town needs parks to calm the vibes- Bogota

So here is the challenge. Follow these instructions and make a note of how you changed the vibe. I’d be interested to hear about what changes you managed.

1. Try listening in a special way – this is called ‘Reflective Listening’. Choose a friend who you haven’t spent a lot of time with lately or someone at a party and make a point of reassuring him or her by rewording or using part of their sentence back to them as a statement or as a question. You’re not adding anything extra to their topic. E.g. Friend: This guy at work is giving me the creeps by touching me when he looks over my shoulder. Possible response: So you’re feeling uncomfortable when he’s in your personal space. What you will find is that this leads your friend closer to finding a solution about how to deal with the situation. You might even find that this person has an interest in the ‘creepy’ guy and just hasn’t realized it yet. You’re focusing your energy on your friend and his or her conversation making them feel valued and appreciated – no matter what the topic is.

2. Be the first to begin to dance at a nightclub or a party. Along with this, show your appreciation for the DJ’s choice of music. Watch how they will go that extra mile to keep the party happening. Also note if anyone else joins in.

3. When visiting a restaurant, tell the maitre d’  that you’ve been looking forward to coming to the establishment for some time.

4. Try a conscious act of kindness. Assist someone beyond the expected. In public and at home.

5. Make a point of getting to know someone better from work.

6. Write a job description for your dream job and then write your application and acceptance letter.

7. Give someone a flower.

8. Take a dog for a walk – borrow the neighbor’s dog if you don’t have one. I’ve always done this and have always had a good pal next door.

9. Tell your boss that you appreciate them.

10. Book a trip away for your parents or loved ones

11. Identify an area in your life that you want to change and write three ways to make it better. Your actions – not someone else’s.

12. Take note of the present. Use all of your senses. What can you smell? What can you feel – under your toes, against your skin, in your heart? What colors can you see? What shapes around you are pleasing? What noises can you hear? How is breakfast, lunch or dinner tasting?

13. Learn about the ‘Love Languages’ –  gifts, quality time, words of affirmation, acts of service, and physical touch and choose two people who you love. Identify their ‘Love Language’ and set about filling their ‘love tank’.

14. Say 20 wonderful things about yourself in front of the mirror.

15. If someone tries to alter your state of happiness – send them love and light and wish them a happier day than what they’re aiming for.

So once you have altered the vibe in any situation, what happened as a result? Could you tell immediately or are the results yet to occur? Remember that timing is everything so appreciate the little things that come your way until the big stuff happens. Please share how you altered your life by making a comment here.



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