Identifying Destinations

Where to Go?

What places are calling you? If there are many, then you need to make a plan. Most Around-the-World airline tickets move either clockwise or anti-clockwise around the world. It’s not very often that you can zig-zag. I purchased an inexpensive world ticket with only four major destinations. Then I looked for cheap local flights to zig-zag around the countries. 

Colombia – The Lost City Hike – There are too many wonderful places to explore to be travelling in a straight line.

Firstly, write all the places you want to go and then work out your direction once you take seasonal restraints in different areas into consideration, (some national parks that you may want to visit could be closed for winter or you may be planning to hike the Inca Trail and you find it’s the wet season). 

Secondly, visit a travel agent or research your options for around-the-world tickets. Find one that suits your budget. Note: most countries require you to have an outward ticket. USA has special rules so check these. Make sure you check if there are any public holidays on the day of your arrival!! This can leave you in an awkward state with public transport or buying food.




Public holidays

  • Seasonal considerations – wet season, (Amazon is flooded etc), ski season, fruit picking, high tourist season = higher costs, but also more job opportunities if you have a work visa, closure of parks and tours that you were hoping to participate in. 
  • Political issues in the area
  • Availability of fruits and vegetables
  • I always book the first night of accommodation when I arrive in a new country and work out the cost of getting to that place
  • Having a bank card to get money out of an ATM – inform your bank of your travels or they could put a hold on your card when they see unusual activity
  • Have your phone unlocked so you can put a local SIM in it to stay connected – your deals back home won’t cut it for an extended journey