Getting Around

There are many different options for getting around the world. Just the other day, I met a couple who hadn’t booked their homeward ticket because they didn’t know where they were leaving from. They were hoping they had enough cash left to enable them to do this as their kitty was getting low. This is usually a situation you want to avoid. One way to secure your ticket home is to originally purchase an around the world option. These can be expensive and thorough or they can be a skeleton allowing for flexibility and spontaneity at a reasonable cost. Unfortunately, they’re usually only good for a year. Another option is to put the amount needed in a separate bank account and avoid touching it until you’re ready to fly home if you’re not sure where you’re flying home from or when.

There are many other ways to get between countries, other than relying on flights. Such as; joining a sailing vessel, (see my article about crewing around the world), helping a truck driver by keeping him or her company, find a ride etc. There are even apps you can purchase that train you in traveling around the world for free, but remember, there’s no such thing as a free lunch. There’ll always be a price to pay somewhere down the line.

Once in a country, catching local buses is a great way to save money and meet the locals. Often the cost is a tenth of the cost of catching a taxi. Some countries don’t have bus services so we have opted to hitchhike. Usually, you don’t have to wait long before someone comes along. On the French Polynesian islands, we were wanting to walk and we still had people stopping to give us a lift. Not all countries and not all people are hitchhiker safe. Ensure you use your own common sense and caution. It isn’t something I recommend when you have options of remaining independent available to you.

Not all countries are cycle friendly, but in those that are, buying an inexpensive bike can be a great option. Motor bikes and inexpensive cars may be an option to purchase if you are in a country longer than a few months or go shares with friends.

Traveling by inter-city buses is a great option if you are traveling alone. In South America, the buses are well equipped and you are able to pay a little more for a reclining chair that is almost like a bed. Overnight sleeping buses are popping up in some countries too. These can be a great option as they save you the price of accommodation for the night.

When booking internal flights in a country, be aware that there may be certain days that are cheaper to travel than others. I found a 500% difference between traveling on a Thursdays than on any other day in Colombia.

No matter how you get around, always put your safety first and don’t risk traveling with people who give you a bad vibe. No matter how cheap it is!!!

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