Choosing a Companion

Travelling alone is extremely rewarding because you get to meet a lot of different people, join a group for parts of your journey or just remain in charge of your own decisions. People tend to talk to lone travellers more than if people are sitting in a group or as a couple. Individuals tend to stand off and not ask to join in as if they’re encroaching on your space. Don’t let this stop you from teaming up with couples or a group. People often let others make the first move. You’ll soon pick up on the vibe if you’re not welcome there. You can always have a night on social media if there’s no one around to join in with or catch up with a bit of reading.

In my book, Backpacker’s Practical and Spiritual Guide to the Universe, I give a lot of advice about different expectations and the types of conversations that should take place before you leave home. Everybody can think that they’re pretty chilled or relaxed, but then find out that when they’re away from familiarity, they change. Especially, when you’re living in close quarters. The best thing to do is to go for a few practice runs with the person and then work out what behaviours need adjusting or even if a big trip is an option with them. Having the same goals and plans is the first step to having an enjoyable journey with another. 

Different websites are beginning to pop up to help join fellow travellers with similar interests. I will add these as they become more functional. The biggest message here is – Don’t wait until someone else is ready to go, when you’ve already saved up, planned and organised your journey. Aligning timing is sometime impossible. Often you’ll find that they will never be ready. Don’t wait!

Sometimes you just meet someone for a day, other times you take your travel buddy with you

One of the reasons I went to Egypt was to explore ancient lives. Another was to make new and wonderful memories with my beautiful mum.