Staying Connected – or not

Staying Connected

Staying connected can assist greatly with finding your way around, booking activities, travel and accommodation and it can help keep you to stay safe. There’s never really been a better time to travel. The internet allows us to stay in touch and make spontaneous bookings. We’re able to let people know where we are and we’re able to seek assistance quickly if need be. 

The key is to travel with an unlocked phone. Your roaming plan might not cut it if you’re away for along time and your data bill could be disastrous. This happened in the early days when people thought their free Facebook access meant everywhere in the world. I know friends who ended up with bills around $5 000 USD. If you have an unlocked phone, you’re able to buy a new prepaid SIM in each country and stay connected. This doesn’t work for all countries and sometimes you will be in remote areas without any coverage. That’s life. 

Countries such as New Zealand, actually have a ‘Tourist Sim’ at great rates. 

Vodaphone in New Zealand offers a great deal. Check out the deals via the internet for the countries where you’ll be for a long time.

Benefits of NOT being Connected

Of course there’s always the option of turning your phone off and being off line anytime you choose, but you might want to tell someone back home that you’re doing that if it’s for an extended period of time.

I once met a young man who had told his mother that he would phone her everyday as he went on a long trek in USA. It was a public holiday when he arrived and he couldn’t buy a SIM. The date for his trek meant that he couldn’t get in touch with her and he set off as he thought he would find or borrow a phone. There was no reception out in the wilderness. He found that he couldn’t bear the thought of his mother worrying about him and ended up aborting the trip altogether and he flew back to Europe. This was an extreme case, but it happened. 

  • A rest from the influx of messages and advertising is a relief
  • There are no expectations about chasing up after other people’s messages and responding
  • You can enjoy the NOW in peace
  • Saves power
  • Frees you to enjoy where you are and who you are with