Carbon Footprint

What you can do to Lessen your Footprint

We all want to lessen our carbon footprint and travelling around the world may seem extravagant to some people, especially if we're catching lots of flights. Therefore, you might want to off-set your carbon footprint with some tree planting or gardening when you arrive somewhere. We can always use more trees and many forestry departments or private owners offer the opportunity to participate in tree planting exercises. Alternatively, you may want to clean a beach or a park area. Catching public transport, walking, skateboarding or cycling are proactive ways to lessen your carbon footprint. The avoidance of certain foods, especially those containing palm oil, boycotts unsustainable practices within some countries that have a direct impact on endangered species. 

There will be other ways you can lessen your footprint and backpackers are usually environmentally aware of their impact. You can search on the web for carbon calculators that help you to work out your contribution to global warming and discover ways of lessening it. Some of these sites offer you options for paying to off-set your carbon footprint by investing in trees. Ensure you only use reputable organisations for this so your dollars go to good use. I personally, would prefer to get involved in some tree-planting volunteer schemes and do it myself.

In a nutshell -

  • plant some trees
  • clean a beach or park
  • boycott products involved in unsustainable practices
  • share ride
  • catch public transport
  • ride a bike or skateboard to your destination or as a fun activity
  • Recycle, reuse and reduce

Tips as you Travel

  • Go camping and hiking
  • Go sailing
  • Share rides
  • Purchase manually charging torches
  • Share meals at hostels¬†
  • Buy local produce
  • Help plant some produce and trees where you are staying
  • Buy solar power rechargers for phones
  • Catch local public transport
  • Ride a horse
  • Find activities that are kind to the earth - swimming, hiking, hanging out with friends, sailing, kite surfing, wind surfing, surfing, relaxing