Helpful Websites

If you can think of it, it probably exists on the web. The internet provides an amazing source for enabling spontaneous travel. Here are some websites that can help you fulfil your dreams from housesitting in the South of Italy to sailing around the world. I haven’t had personal with all of these sites so always take care to stay safe by researching the organisation yourself.

One important point that I would like to make here is to ensure you use government websites for any visa applications and information. Sometimes a private organisation’s website comes up first and there will be extra costs when you use their services. Go straight to the source!!!

Websites to find families, resorts, farms etc where you can lodge in exchange for your board –


House Sitting Around the World
You just need to love animals, have respect for people’s homes and privacy and be neat and tidy. Having a few maintenance skills helps. Friends of mine who have lived from house sitting job to house sitting job for the last 3 years, do some housework for their hosts, cook them a lovely meal on their host’s return, adore their pets and buy some milk and bread on their host’s return. They get rave reviews and can work part time at their teaching jobs because they have no internet, power, rates bills. It can be a lifestyle choice. There are many websites to try out.

Crewing on Boats Around the World
You don’t need much experience and you can find a yacht anywhere in the world to join. Boat owners are looking for company, assistance and sometimes romance. You call the shots for what you’re up for but be prepared to learn a lot and follow the skipper’s instructions. They are legally in charge of their vessel and crew. Take care to join safe boats.

Backpacking through Europe

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