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I have been using the Aleister Crowley Thoth Tarot card pack for over thirty-five years. It is the same pack of cards that came my way, passed on from my brother all those years ago. Many people have learned to trust the card's insights - although they are only a medium for your guides to clarify your guides' messages to you. You will receive a photo of your reading. There will be a five section spread with three cards in each section. The sections are - You and what surrounds you, the next 6-12 weeks, an alternative or a backup of the last section or something that flows on from it, the answer to the question and the next 6-12 months. You will also receive a summary. I always offer the opportunity to ask for clarification by follow up emails. I want this to be meaningful for you. I have kept my costs to $30 AUD to make it affordable. Most people who know me, know that I have done this as a gift for years, but as I am traveling, I am unable to work for long in one place, so am grateful for your contribution for my time. If you are unable to afford this, please contact me.

This is a typical reading. I can also pull less cards for a more concentrated answer.

Unlike many Tarot readers, I don't claim that your future is set in stone. In fact, it is quite the opposite. You have full control over your own destiny. The Tarot is only to give you guidance to assist you in moving forward through blockages or to make you aware of a situation brewing. We come into this life with a blue-print plan to assist us in fulfilling our wishes, lessons, ambitions etc that we hope to accomplish. Your guides offer insights into this plan and help you to keep on a meaningful path through messages offered from your reading. Your pathways are numerous. When consulting the Tarot, it is wise to understand the purpose behind your question. This isn't about just hearing what you want to hear. It should be meaningful to you and help you to move forward. You should be prepared to alter your current behaviour to get a favourable result. There are desired lessons and skills that you wish to accomplish.

These will be in the areas of:

Relationships - with a spouse or partner, with siblings, parents, off-spring, friends who we are learning to break the patterns of behaviour with. We might ask why a particular person has come into our lives. We might ask for the lessons to be spelt out for us. We are learning to honour each other and to encourage each other towards personal success.

  • Finances - understanding the energy flow around money and how we treat our desires for material gain.
  • Sexuality - we have all been both male and female throughout our lives, but there will be particular lessons to be learned along the way.
  • Home - how we create our safe haven away from the eyes of the world and discover what is important to make us feel content.
  • Work - how is that we make a difference in the world? What are we meant to be doing with the productive side of our lives.
  • Health - sometimes our earthly bodies aren't up to the rigours that we want to put them through as they there are rules of nature at work and we need advice how to cope with some challenges.
  • Personality - how does our personality affect us when making hard decisions or we're facing a crisis. Not one answer is right for everyone.

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