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Define Spiritual for Me

Many people believe there is more to this world than what lies before our eyes and it's not just physics. Some follow set paths for developing their spirituality through organised religions, some refuse to acknowledge the unexplained and others develop their own concept of spirituality. I fall into the latter category.

My theory is based on personal experience and the messages that I receive from spirit. When I say, spirit, I am referring to my own guides or anyone who chooses to speak with me. I do not ask them to identify themselves or I would be there all day chatting.  It is a part of my everyday psyche and I don't need any special room, rituals or paraphernalia to do this. I believe we all have this ability.  I constantly receive messages about my behaviour, the world, friends and strangers.

You will notice that I refer to them in the singular form as spirit, and not spirits. This is because we are all one and united in spirit. I will explain this further in my courses, but briefly it means:  we can connect with individual entities, but the knowledge is a shared knowledge-base when we are in spirit.



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Tarot Card Readings

Have your own personal reading done here. This is done on an individual basis. Upon purchase, you will receive an email asking for your name and a question that you particularly want answered, (although Spirit will give you whatever information they are wanting to pass on to you, so you'll get more than what you ask for). Once I receive this email and payment, I will send you a PDF with your spiritual guides response. Click here for more tarot card information or purchase now. $30 AUD

(Wait time can be dependent on internet availability when sailing. Message me  to check this. Otherwise I will aim to complete your reading within 24 hours of receiving your request).

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This is an introductory course designed to unblock your inhibitions and energies so you can explore how to connect with Spirit. You will discover a whole new world opening up with your understandings and the opportunities before you.

Introductory Module Free!!!

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This is an advanced course that is designed to enable you to remove blockages and work through issues in this current life. You will learn how to perform  past-life regressions for yourself and others by working through a number of activities, videos and information booklets.

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