Americas Bucket List

When taking in North, South and Central America there are so many wonderful and diverse places to explore. Historically, the Aztecs have contributed so many temples and ancient sites to discover for yourself. The natural wonders that include the Amazon, The Grand Canyon, The Andes and Niagara Falls just to name a few, are overwhelmingly spectacular. It is possible to drive from the top of the Americas to the bottom with the exception of a 100km  break in Panama, known as the Darien Gap. However, an intricate public transport system throughout each country makes many places accessible to the everyday traveler.

  1. Visit Niagara Falls
  2. Drive and Pan American Highway
  3. Explore the cliff dwellings in Arizona of the Ancestral Puebloans
  4. Explore New Orleans pre-carnival
  5. Dance in the streets in Rio for carnival
  6. Tour the ancient cities of the Aztecs from Mexico City to Cancun
  7. Raft down the Baker River in Chili
  8. Ski at Whistler
  9. Visit Alaska in winter to see the northern lights
  10. Take the four day hike to Machu Picchu
  11. Fly over the Nasca Lines
  12. See a show on Broadway in New York
  13. Trek down into the Grand Canyon


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