Extreme Destinations Bucket List

Sometimes we want to push the boundaries of our existence and we feel the need for speed, thrills and action. Here are some ideas for places to visit that might be on your list if you’re a natural thrill seeker. Buckle up, wear the helmet and hang on!!!

  1. Bungy jumping all over the world
  2. Sail to the Antarctic – there are companies that will take you on this extreme journey. Rug up.
  3. Trekking to Base Camp or beyond
  4. Caving in Mexico – with or without dive gear
  5. Diving in the Blue Hole in Belize
  6. Skiing the triple diamond black runs in Whistler
  7. Sky diving over some awesome beach anywhere in the world – try out Mission Beach or Byron Bay in Australia
  8. White water rafting anywhere in the world
  9. Para-gliding over Chicamocha Canon – Columbia
  10. Volcano surfing – using plywood as a surfboard or like a snowboard on the inside of a volcano.
  11. Tow in surfing on the big waves in Hawaii

Keep your health and travel insurance up to speed if you’re up for any of these adventures. None of these extreme, high risk activities are endorsed by this website but it’s sure interesting to see how people will try and push themselves in amazing destinations all over the world. Please share any extreme destinations that you have visited but don’t do it just to get your name on the pages. Only if you’re going there anyway!!!

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