An Analogy about Spirit

It’s not surprising that I’m sailing around on the ocean with the trust of the Universe as my guidance for my choices, when you consider my analogy about spirit.

Many people ask me what it is that I believe. Many people question the existence of god or a superior being. Some people believe that when it’s over, it’s over and you’re just gone.  My dad believed in this and stated that we lived on through the people whose lives we had touched. Sometimes I wish that was what I believed. It sounds so final and peaceful. But spirit has visited me too often to consider this as an option. Whatever you believe to be your truth is yours and yours alone. You don’t have to align with anyone. Just find your own way from the experiences that you personally have. That is how my philosophy has grown. I will speak it as factual because it is my truth.

I don’t believe in a superior being as such – maybe a hierarchy of knowledge but not superior. We are the makers of our lives and our worlds. We created these worlds together as a mass consciousness.

I describe the mass consciousness as an ocean. We are all just droplets on this ocean. Together we nourish, sustain and work together to continue our existence. When we are in this spiritual state, we share knowledge but our true understanding is limited to experiences. We need to come on shore to experience life, joys, hardships and better ways to experience relationships with each other. It is that individuality that is unique to a life time that we need to experience.

Ultimately, it is about those experiences that help us to move up the hierarchy of knowledge. With that knowledge comes peace and understanding. We learn not to fear what we don’t know because it’s all okay. We learn to create our own happiness and not rely on others to be there for us. When we are with others, we learn to be grateful for their existence.