Australasian Bucket List

What a wonderful part of the world to visit. There’s a little bit of everything between Australia, New Zealand and the surrounding islands. It’s a great idea to try and visit both countries if you’ve traveled a long way as they are only a three hour flight a part.

Natural beauty is the first delight that will capture your heart but it won’t take long before the richness of the Maori and Australian Aboriginal people’s cultures enrich your imagination.

Sustainability and wisdom are to be learned from the Australian indigenous peoples and song, dance and ancient belief systems are a highlight with the Maoris.  Two very different cultures with two very different histories can be enjoyed.

A Nature’s Bucket List for Australia

1. Visit Uluru, also know as Ayers Rock – one of the biggest monoliths in the world. You need to be prepared to cross a desert to get here. Either fly, bus, train or drive. It’s an adventure in itself.

2. Dive or sail on the Great Barrier Reef – the largest natural reef in the world. Visit it from Airlie Beach if you are wanting to sail. Diving opportunities are abundant as well.

3. Camp and 4WD on Fraser Island. Just off the coast of Queensland is considered to be the largest sand island in the world. There is plenty of rainforest and fresh water lakes surrounding the camp sites. 4WD are for hire on the mainland and there are plenty of tours  and ferry services available.

4. Drive along the Great Ocean Road from Melbourne to enjoy one of the most amazing dramatic coast line roads in the world. Might be worth it to hire a convertible.

5. Visit the unusual rock formations of Western Australia – the Bungle Bungles, Wave Rock and the gorges of the Kimberleys.

A Nature’s Bucket List for New Zealand

All I can personal say is try a ‘Hot Springs’ tour throughout the country.

1. Visit Huka Falls by hiking through Spa Thermal Park in Taupo.

2. Take a speed boat ride up Shotover River near Queenstown.

3. Do the Milford Sound hike or take a boat ride out on the fjord.Beginnings

4. Sail in the Bay of Islands in the North Island.

5. Drive up the west coast of the South Island and visit the glaciers and enjoy the unusual foliage and atmosphere.

6. Drive from Christchurch to Queensland to enjoy the farmland on one side and the craggy mountains on the other side – breathtaking.

7. Visit the 2 000 year old giant kauri trees on the Kauri Coast on the North Island.

8. Enjoy the many amazing hikes that are available to the public. Visit a local isite to gather a range of information brochures.



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